Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko: WTF is Happening?

Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko Poster

Vasyl Lomachenko and Devin Devin Haney have been going back and forth on social media. Both men have accused each other of ducking a potential fight and made some bold claims. Here’s everything that has gone down so far.

It all started with the WBC. Yes, our most favorite organization. In 2019, Lomachenko was elevated to WBC Franchise lightweight champion, while Devin Haney was crowned the Regular WBC lightweight champion. Unfortunately for Devin, he was elevated via email. Hence, the nickname – Email Champion.

The duo never fought each other, and we never got a definitive WBC lightweight champion.

Fast forward to 2020, and Lomachenko has lost all his belts to IBF lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez Jr., making Lopez Jr. the unified lightweight champion, although some call him undisputed.

Teofimo Lopez Jr. tries to punch around Vasyl Lomachenko's guard
Teofimo Lopez Jr. vs. Vasyl Lomachenko

The WBC did not provide any clarity either. However, their President Mauricio Sulaiman created more confusion when he called Teofimo Lopez Jr. the “undisputed” lightweight champion. Wait, what? Isn’t Haney a champ? Then how did Lopez Jr. become undisputed?

None of this makes sense when you read it on paper, or in this case, a website. But it all comes together when you hear Mike Coppinger shout the words – Sanctioning Fees.

Mike Coppinger calls out WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman for extracting sanctioning fees from top lightweights

Lopez Jr. is set to defend his belts against the IBF mandatory challenger, George Kambosos Jr. Since Haney can’t fight him next, he is looking for another opponent.

On March 1, 2021, Haney called out Lomachenko on Twitter. Surprisingly, “Loma” responded. Lomachenko then called Haney a coward, and Haney accused the former of ducking. The argument went on for two more days before subsiding.

Devin Haney’s Father Sends a Contract to Vasyl Lomachenko (Or Did He?)

On March 11, news broke out that Bill Haney (Devin’s father) sent a seven-figure contract to Vasyl Lomachenko. It is worth noting that rumors of Haney potentially fighting Jorge Linares in May were already out by then.

Bill Haney (right) helping his son Devin Haney (left) put on boxing gloves
Bill Haney (right) with his son Devin Haney (left) (Image via Bill Haney’s Instagram)

“The world is going to see what we do to Lomachenko, should he get in the ring in May,” said Bill Haney to AKHi TV. “I know after talking to Eddie [Hearn], we have a seven-figure on play for Lomachenko to go over to DAZN. So, we’re waiting to hear back. Of course, a lot of the rumors were publicized that the Linares fight was in the bag already. We’ve been talking to Linares. The Linares fight was a fight that Eddie had pretty much closed a deal on, and then the Lomachenko stuff came into play, and then Devin and [he] went back and forth.”

Vasyl Lomachenko Denies Getting a Contract

In a recent interview, Vasyl Lomachenko went all-out on Devin Haney.

“Haney, stop lying, send the real contract,” Lomachenko told SNOWQUEENLA. “Devin, stop lying. Why are you lying to people? Tell Eddie Hearn to send the written contract on paper. I thought they [Team Haney] sent it directly to Top Rank, so I asked [manager] Egis [Klimas] to find out. So, Egis contacted Top Rank, and they didn’t receive anything either. I don’t understand why Devin Haney would even say that. We did not receive any contract, offers, or paper from Haney.”

Vasyl Lomachenko responds to Devin Haney’s call-out on March 1, 2021

Lomachenko then revealed that Bill Haney contacted his team when Linares had already signed an agreement to fight Devin. He also stated that Haney was “trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.” Besides that, Vasyl admitted he had a genuine interest to fight Haney.

Devin Haney Thinks He Can Beat Vasyl Lomachenko

A day before Lomachenko’s interview with SNOWQUEENLA, Haney told that his fight with Linares was not finalized, and he could fight Lomachenko before that bout.

“I’m happy that he finally acknowledged me, and he finally is interested,” Haney said. “It sucks that now it comes after he took a loss. I [would rather prefer it] when he was on top. But you know, at the end of the day, a fight with me and ‘Loma’ would still be huge, and I would still fight him.”

Devin Haney Training
Devin Haney Shadowboxing (Image from Devin Haney’s Instagram)

Moreover, Haney claimed he would beat Lomachenko in different ways. He also credited Teofimo Lopez Jr. for laying out a blueprint to beat the Ukrainian boxer.

“At the end of the day, Teofimo did lay another blueprint on how to beat Loma. So, it just shows that he can be beat. There are different ways that he can be beat. And it is what it is,” Devin Haney added.

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