Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren Provide an Update on Fury vs. Joshua Following Tyson Fury’s Recent Comments

Tyson Fury pointing at someone

During a recent interview with iFL TV, Tyson Fury frightened the boxing world when he announced that he has stopped training for the Anthony Joshua fight. He also claimed that the events taking place behind the scenes could delay the bout.

Fury’s words were quickly dismissed by Queensberry Promotions’ Frank Warren and Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn.

“I think Tyson is a bit peed off about it because it’s dragging on and on and on,” Frank Warren told talkSPORT. “Hopefully, everybody will be getting the good news soon, they’ll be happy and everyone can move onto the next stage of this, which is to get this site sorted out. We hope it doesn’t happen later, we’re working hard to get it done sooner rather than later. The contracts are agreed and they will be signed, 100 percent, I’m confident of that. By the end of the week? I hope so!”

Eddie Hearn on the Status of Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua

Eddie Hearn, who promotes Anthony Joshua, stated that he did not feel the energy from Tyson Fury. Nevertheless, he expects Fury to “get his mojo back” and begin training for the fight.

“Maybe he’s a little bit deflated, maybe things haven’t happened for him over the last year,” Hearn told Express. “Forget about that, let’s focus on what we’ve all agreed to which is the biggest fight in boxing. I think we are days away – I know I have said that two and five weeks ago – but we are days away from giving everyone some good news.”

Hearn also revealed that the contracts are going around for everyone’s signature. Besides that, he said that Saudi Arabia is keen to host the fight, along with six or seven other countries.

Earlier, Fury proclaimed that he drinks 12 pints of lager a day. However, as most fans are aware, “The Gypsy King” is a master at mind games, and this could be a part of his many tricks.

Tyson Fury roasts Anthony Joshua
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