Roy Jones Jr. Elucidates Why Anderson Silva Should be His Next Fight

Roy Jones Jr. with Anderson Silva

Roy Jones Jr. had an entertaining exhibition bout with Mike Tyson in November 2020. Although the fight ended in an unfortunate draw, it made headlines all over the world. Jones Jr., 52, would like to return to the boxing ring one more time. This time, he wants to face a mixed martial arts legend in Anderson Silva.

Tyson-Jones sold over 1.6 million pay-per-views, and it may be a good idea to run it back for a money grab. However, Tyson is more likely to fight Evander Holyfield in a trilogy in a couple of months. That leaves Jones Jr. with no opponent. Do you know who else has no opponent right now?

You guessed it, Anderson Silva!

“Truthfully speaking, my dream next fight would probably be Anderson Silva,” Roy Jones Jr. told TMZ Sports. “Anderson is available now. I’m available now. So we’ve been wanting to box for the longest time. Why not me and Anderson go out there and put it on for the people?”

Anderson Silva throws a kick at Uriah Hall's body
UFC Fight Night: Uriah Hall (Right) vs. Anderson Silva (Left)

Silva and Jones Jr. have been calling each other out for many years, yet the fight somehow failed to materialize. It could have been Silva’s contract with the UFC that was stopping him from entering the squared circle.

Nevertheless, that restriction no longer exists, as Silva was released from the UFC following a loss to Uriah Hall in November 2020.

Roy Jones Jr.: Anderson Silva Has a Better Pro Boxing Record than Conor McGregor

When the reporter pointed out that Anderson Silva is not an elite boxer, Jones Jr. was quick enough to reference “The Spider’s” professional boxing record.

“Anderson has a better fight record at boxing than people like Conor McGregor (0-1 pro boxing record). Anderson was 13-1 or 13-2 at pro boxing record. So, Anderson knows what pro boxing is. He’s been at pro boxing before.”

We did a fact check on Roy Jones Jr.’s statement and found it to be incorrect. According to BoxRec, Anderson has competed in two professional boxing bouts to date. He lost his debut after his corner pulled him out of the fight. Silva won the second bout via TKO.

Anderson Silva fights Julio Cesar De Jesus in his second boxing match at Ginásio de Esportes Antônio Balbino, Salvador

Roy Jones Jr. then explained how Silva has a better chance of beating him now than his prime.

“At this age, with my knees not being the same they used to be, gives him a better chance. He’s a tall left-hander. So, all of that works in his favor. There [are] a few different elements now that give him a better chance than he would have had back in the day.”

Jones Jr. is no stranger to the music industry. Recently, he used his talent to call out Silva and asked him to stop ducking the fight. He also said the full version of the music would be out soon.

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