Ryan Garcia Puts Oscar De La Hoya in His Place and Refocuses His Attention to Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia Angry

Following his spectacular win over Luke Campbell, WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia stated his intentions to fight Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney. However, as days passed by, rumors about an exhibition fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia began to spread.

The rumors gained momentum when Garcia himself announced that his bout with Pacquiao would not be an exhibition. It felt like Garcia would finally get his wish to fight the legendary boxer. However, his promoter Oscar De La Hoya shocked the boxing world when he confirmed that no contract was being negotiated between the two teams.

Ryan Garcia feels Oscar De La Hoya is “pushing his own agenda”

Garcia first blamed Manny Pacquiao for not letting the fight happen. But in another interview, the American boxer lashed out at his own promoter for taking steam off the potential fight.

“Everybody wants to push their own agendas,” Garcia said on Behind The Gloves. “They don’t want to listen to the fighter. I don’t care what anybody has to say, I go and do what I want. I don’t work for no promoter, they work for me. Straight up! You guys work for me. No promoter will ever make me do what I don’t wanna do.

Ryan Garcia with Oscar De La Hoya after his win over Luke Campbell
Ryan Garcia with Oscar De La Hoya and his team

“I wanted to fight Gervonta Davis, and I wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao. They offered me Manny Pacquiao. I said, ‘Let’s go for it.’ To me, it’s disrespectful and not professional that my own promoter would say those comments. That don’t make no sense to me. If I had a young fighter, and even if he was saying a lot of things, I’d still [love him]. Make sure that — ‘Hey man, we should probably move this fight. But if you wanna do it…’ You know what I mean? But you shouldn’t ever go to the media and make those type of comments. To me, it’s very unprofessional and I don’t like it.”

“Tank” in Ryan Garcia’s Line of Fire

Garcia, who is Canelo Alvarez’s teammate, appeared on DAZN’s Beyond the Bell after Alvarez vs. Yildirim concluded and named WBA (Regular) lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis as his next opponent.

“I want Gervonta Davis, I wanted it before the Pacquiao fight,” Garcia said. “I say his name any chance I get. I’m going to keep saying it, whether people want it or not. That’s what I’m going to be shooting for. If it doesn’t happen, it’s always going to be the other side. Because I say yes. I made the Luke Campbell fight. Yes, yes, yes. I’m in it to get all the greatness I can out of my career.”

Ryan Garcia punches Luke Campbell
Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell

In January 2021, Ryan Garcia had an interaction (over FaceTime) with Gervonta Davis on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast. The 22-year-old mocked Davis’ height and threatened to knock him out inside two rounds. It was intense and funny at the same time. The duo agreed to fight. But there have been no developments yet.

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