Tyson Fury on Tasting Deontay Wilder’s Blood: “I Hope He Doesn’t Have Any Germs or Anything”

Tyson Fury drops Deontay Wilder

A year after his second fight with Deontay Wilder (42-1-1), WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (30-0-1) reflected on the iconic moment in the sixth round against the former. The Britisher revealed what led to it and his thought process during the bout.

Fury vs. Wilder took place on February 22, 2020, inside the jam-packed MGM Grand Garden Arena. Unlike their first bout, Fury dominated Wilder from bell to bell and won via TKO.

The fight saw many moments that will never be forgotten, including the sixth round where Tyson Fury stuck out his tongue and tasted his opponent’s blood. More than 365 days removed from the bout, Fury joined ESPN’s Brett Okamoto to discuss the fight.

When reminded of the incident, Fury said:

“Yeah, like a vampire.”

What Led to Tyson Fury Tasting Deontay Wilder’s blood?

Fury explained what led to the moment. It all started when Fury said he would taste Wilder’s blood during a press conference. Fortunately for Fury, he got the opportunity to do so in the sixth round of their fight.

“In the pre-fight interview, I said I would taste Deontay Wilder’s blood, this time. I had the opportunity to do it in round six, so I had to taste his blood. Just to get the feeling of what my prey tasted like. I was a hunter. I was like a lion, and he was a gazelle, large gazelle. I took it down, and that was it. It’s game over!”

In the interview, Fury admitted that his actions during round 6 were “weird.” However, he also stated that he transforms into a completely different human being in the ring.

“Different mindset. The animal instincts come out inside the boxing ring, and it’s either him or you. But it’s weird because I’ve not noticed anybody lick anybody else’s blood before. I hope he doesn’t have any germs or anything. Or else I’ve got his cuties now, baby!”

Tyson Fury rocks Deontay Wilder in the second fight
Tyson Fury wobbles Deontay Wilder in the rematch

The fight ended in the seventh round when Wilder’s coach Mark Breland threw in the towel. Wilder and his coach have parted ways since then and had an ugly back and forth online. “The Bronze Bomber” has been inactive since his bout with Fury.

Fury, on the other hand, has also been inactive. He was scheduled to fight Wilder in a trilogy, but the bout never materialized. He is now preparing to fight his British rival for the undisputed heavyweight title. The date of this bout is expected to be announced soon.

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