Kamaru Usman Talks Francis Ngannou’s Key to Victory, His Role in Training Camp, and Similarities With “The Predator”

Francis Ngannou standing next to Kamaru Usman

Undisputed UFC welterweight champion and Francis Ngannou’s cornerman Kamaru Usman discussed his role in Ngannou’s training camp, the key to victory, and more in a recent interview with ESPN.

This Saturday, at UFC 260, #1 ranked heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou will fight Stipe Miocic for the second time in “the biggest, baddest rematch.” Unlike the first fight, Francis will have Usman in his corner.

It is worthy to note that Kamaru Usman had previously cornered Francis Ngannou for his fight with ex-UFC fighter Junior dos Santos at UFC on ESPN 3.

When Brett Okamoto of ESPN asked Usman about his role in Ngannou’s camp, the latter said:

“I think it’s just experience because I’ve been in championship fights. One of the things that sets me apart from a lot of other fighters is my mind — as far as how I react to the other fighters, and how I think, and how the fighters think. I think he [Ngannou] trusts that… Whatever he needs, I’m there to help him.”

Although Usman did not give a straightforward answer, many pundits feel Ngannou brought in Usman, one of the most talented wrestlers in the UFC, to help deal with Stipe Miocic’s wrestling. After all, Miocic dominated Francis with his wrestling when the striking got dangerous in the first bout.

Kamaru Usman Reveals the Only Thing Francis Ngannou Needs to do at UFC 260

As far as the key to victory is concerned, Usman claimed Ngannou shall worry only about one thing.

“I think he has to be relaxed because we put so much pressure on ourselves. We understand what us being a champion does to where we are from. We understand that, and that’s a ton of pressure to put on yourself, and I think he just needs to relax.

Kamaru Usman’s interview with Brett Okamoto of ESPN ahead of UFC 260

Usman added: “I mean, we are looking at probably one of the scariest men on the planet to date, so if he’s able to relax, I think he will shock a lot of people with all these newly acquired skills.”

Kamaru Usman then pointed out the similarities between him and Ngannou.

“He’s like me. He’s ready to get it over with. At this point, it just can’t come fast enough. We just want to get there and move on. I think he’s ready, he’s more than ready. He’s just ready for this to be over, so he can start the next chapter as the champion of the world.”

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